Smart Start is fortunate to have a group of people on our Board of Directors who are committed to the Davie County community, our children and our families.  The people list below are not only Directors, they are advocates for the mission of Smart Start, which is always about encouraging the development of Davie County’s youngest children and their families.

Our Board

Anna Jenkins, Chair  

Brandy Koontz, Vice Chair 

Teresa Kines, Treasurer

Stacy Moyer, Secretary

Members: Marcella Brown, Bob Bromley, Marissa Brzescinski, Linda Coplin, John Ferguson, Dr. Darrin Hartness, Cindy Hendricks,      Jenna Hendricks, Kim McClure, Tracie Murphy, Peggy Nuckolls, Heather Phillips, W.G. “Dub” Potts, John Eller, Gladys Scott, Cammie Webb