2016-2017 Child Care Training Schedule

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General Training Information
SSDC will continue to provide free training for teachers who serve children in Davie County, unless otherwise noted below.  Please note, there is a $15 fee for teachers who serve children outside of Davie County. Payment must be received one week prior to the scheduled class.

** If you must cancel, please remove yourself from the training sign up and contact Kati Lawrence at 336-751-2113 or klawrence@daviesmartstart.org at least 3 business days prior to the meeting. A $10 no-show fee will be charged to those that sign up for a class but do not attend. This fee must be paid before signing up for any other class through Smart Start of Davie County. Space is limited in each class and no-shows take a training opportunity away from another child care professional.

Other important training information:

  • Pre-registration is required for each class. Registration links are available at www.daviesmartstart.org.
  • Walk-in registrants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Admittance is not allowed after the first 15 minutes of class.
  • Children are not allowed in training area, and must be accompanied by an adult in the lobby at all times.
  • Please be courteous and turn off your cell phone during class. If you must take a phone call, please leave the training area. 
  • Certificates will be awarded at the end of the training with a completed evaluation.
  • Kindness and respect for one another and the presenter are expected.

 Teacher Training Opportunities (updated 4/25/2017)

 May 18, 2017

What Every Baby Needs

6:30 – 8:30 PM
Smart Start of Davie County

Everything in a baby’s world happens in steps and stages. It is important to appreciate each stage as it occurs and provide the support and guidance needed to allow a successful journey through each one. This training will offer suggestions of what types of materials support learning at the different stages. You will gain insight on the benefits of providing babies with ample time and space to master a skill before moving on to start practicing a new one and will explore some of the drawbacks of intervening unnecessarily. With each mastered skill babies are discovering more about their bodies, the world around them and how the two work together. These skills are the foundations that they will carry with them throughout their life and across all domains of learning. This training provides information that supports the ITERS-R subscales:  Space and Furnishings, Activities and Program structure. (DCDEE 1,2,3,7)

Presented by Sandy Weaver of Work Family Resources

Sign up here: What Every Baby Needs

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Playground Safety

For more information on Smart Start of Davie County training, please contact:  Kati Lawrence at 336.751.2113 or klawrence@daviesmartstart.org